A data, design and technology-driven marketing company that ‘younites’ brands and their communities


Expanding possibilities


Ideas to action to experiences


Personalising experiences

Who we are

At Younion, we deliver digital and on-ground experiences through a human-centered marketing approach to help elevate interactions between people and businesses.

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Empowered by Data

Data is empowering. Knowing the ‘Who’ is the start of every journey. With deep profiled information of more than 500,000 organizations and 3 million profiles, you are already on to a journey of endless possibilities.

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Led by Design Thinking

All conversations, engagements and experiences are deeply rooted in inspired design thinking. The ability to give life to thoughts, the development of an idea to action and the art of storytelling using designs defines our purpose.

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Driven by Technology

We use technology to be closer, to gain trust and to create memories. We believe, Technology helps play the game where players change, the rules change, the goals change but the spirit to keep playing remains constant.

We operate at the intersection of data, design and technology to bring brands closer to their communities.

What we do

Design stunning digital and on-ground experiences
  • Technology-enabled experiential design
  • Digital & Social Strategy, campaigns
  • Microsites, websites, CMS, A/B Testing
  • Virtual events, Webinars and webcasts
  • Social media engagements
  • Events and conferences
  • Product launches
  • Turnkey event production
  • Content marketing portal
  • Email marketing systems
Increase your market share with the power of data
  • Lead Nurture and demand generation
  • Audience acquisition for events and digital initiatives
  • Database building and validation
  • In-house captive outbound & response centre
  • YIMP (Younion Insights Management Platform)
  • Portals, data visualization & data analytics
  • Marketing campaign management and analytics
  • Marketing automation
Ramp up your sales and marketing with design thinking
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Outbound marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • Account based marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Growth strategy
  • PPC campaigns
  • Launch strategies
  • Digital ABM Strategy & Support
  • Persona-based Marketing

Drive brand awareness with a brilliant content strategy
  • Creation and distribution strategy
  • Journey and experience mapping
  • Email marketing
  • Content audit & gap analysis
  • Copywriting
  • E-Books, White papers & other Social media assets
  • Blogging & Influencer Marketing
Collaborate with influential thinkers for brand-specific bespoke engagements
  • Video streaming
  • Podcasts
  • Fire-side chats
  • Panel discussions
  • On-ground events

Whether you’re looking to build your brand, generate leads, or increase sales, our growth-focused solutions is a must in your marketing needs.

How we do it

We take your brand to the people that matter by working at the intersection of data, design and technology


Digital Events


On-ground Events


Marketing Campaigns

Peek into our database repository.

As a marketer, you can leverage Younion’s master database repository of more than half a million organizations with 3 million+ valid contacts (verticalized, segmented and categorized). Structural design, intelligent mapping and effective deployment of this data forms the essential cornerstone of every GTM campaign.

Want to explore further for your marketing campaigns?

If you are a marketer in search for a powerful platform to connect your brand with your community, take advantage of 'Power of &' from Younion.

‘Power of &’ is a collaborative platform that leverages our proven and strong capabilities in strategy, design, experiential marketing and outreach services through a series of online and on-ground experiences.

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With an innovative “Unboxing” experience for Dell Docks customers, Younion helped Dell Technologies create awareness and increase demand for its docks in the Indian enterprise market.

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Brands who
trust us


At Younion, we have designed and delivered experiential marketing campaigns for the world’s largest open-source company, largest cloud platform provider, most sought-after process automation company, multinational software companies, multiple tech conglomerates, IT & cyber security leaders, datacenter services experts, multinational auto equipment manufacturers, world’s leading sound engineers, lifestyle tech brands and real estate giants.

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A Younion of ideas and thought processes that give you a great solution.

Anuj Joshi

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I consider Younion as my secret weapon.

Sujit Janardanan

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Younion is an agency that comes up with extremely creative and effective ways to furthering the agenda.

Vijay Ramachandran

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Every time Younion has come back to me with an idea, it has pushed the boundaries of what one can do.

Kaushal Veluri

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Creatively brilliant and predictable in their outcome.

Anish Thambi

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Meet our team

True to our name, our team is a Younion of diverse talents, strengths, perspectives and backgrounds.

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Shajesh Menon

Founder & CEO

Shajesh strongly believes that inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime and that, solutions are always rooted within problems. He is a compulsive conversationalist, tea addict and a self-confessed foodie who staunchly stands by ‘Vada Pav’ as the most divine snack ever

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Binitha Shajesh

Director - HR

Binitha is a tornado of infectious energy and enthusiasm. A people person in heart and spirit, she helps them carve blazing careers while ensuring a high level of work-life balance. She’s crazy about cooking and baking for her kids and for fans of her legendary culinary skills.

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Josephine Patwal

Assoc. Director – Outreach Programs

Josephine’s sincere desire to see people grow, and her ‘never say never’ attitude has built a strong outreach team and Younion’s best-in-class database offering. She likes to unwind along with her cute little daughter. Her motto is “You and me are wonders”.

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Jeffin Jacob

Art Director

Jeffin’s strong background in graphic design, digital illustration and 3D modelling has led him to ideate and execute projects that range from large scale campaigns to even larger experiential events at Younion. He is a bit of a tech enthusiast and likes learning to code in the meantime.

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Jeevan Nambiar

National Head – Production & Operations

Jeevan’s career has seen him working with national and international brands across domains. He manages time between his Harley rides to execute large scale events. His ability to bring experiential concepts to life is well known and capitalized by our key clients.

Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team is made up of committed experts that bring the depth of knowledge and experience required to create a broader range of creative ideas and innovative solutions.

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Kartik Sankar

Creative Director

Kartik is an artist, biker and a CrossFit enthusiast and has avid interest in multiple areas. Loves shopping at hardware stores, he is your thoroughbred DIY guy! Kartik’s motto is YOLO – push yourself, learn new things and find joy in doing good.

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Roby G Mathew

Creative Strategy

Roby is a cleanliness freak, an amateur badminton enthusiast and a hardcore foodie. His quest for happiness in simple living is holistic. Experimenting with genres in music, travelling (occasionally with his dog too), and the cliched sun, sand, and sea is what keeps him sane

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Madan Mohare

Head - Data & Analytics

Madan is responsible for setting the vision and culture interspersed with data and marketing technology. His focus is long-term prioritization of business’s overall analytical needs and opportunities. He loves solving complex problems and tackling new responsibilities.